The information on this website is intended to help increase the level of knowledge of users with regard to substance compositions and their effects and risks, as well as to sensitize them to problematic consumption behavior.
In any case, the operators advise against the use of the substances described and other risky substances, whether legal or illegal. They also draw attention to the fact that the possession, sale and consumption of many of the substances described on this page is punishable by law. The consumption of psychoactive substances is always associated with health risks. The Drug Information Center assumes no responsibility or liability for the content of external websites to which it refers by means of links.

The contents on external sites do not originate from us and we cannot give any guarantees for the correctness of these contents. This applies to all available links on the website itself and to the further links of the sites linked to it. Substances that do not appear on this site are by no means harmless. The warnings we publish only refer to substances that have been handed over for analysis in the Swiss drug-checking services in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Biel and Lucerne.

We do not issue warnings for substances that have been submitted for analysis in the drug-checking service in Geneva. The substances warned against represent a high risk of consumption and should not be consumed. We are not liable regarding substances that we have not actually tested ourselves.

Caution: A substance may have the same visual appearance (shape, size, color, etc.) as a substance tested by us and yet have different ingredients or a different composition. There is no substance use without risk! Risk-free is only a complete renunciation of psychoactive substances. Anyone who nevertheless decides to consume substances should at least always follow the safer use rules.

The substance information is based on the currently technically possible testing and analysis methods and data available to us. They do not constitute a safety recommendation.
No liability is assumed for damages resulting from the information published here. Our mission is to contribute to self-responsible behavior and harm reduction by means of education.

On some pills on brand logos and/or brand names are printed. These brand logos/brand names have no connection with the companies or organizations depicted and are used illegally without their knowledge.
The publication of the pills with the brand logos/brand names on is done for prevention and harm reduction purposes and is intended to warn consumers about substance use, inform them about the composition of the pills and substances and reduce health damage. and the institutions involved in the online tool neither manufacture nor distribute the pills and are therefore not liable for any unlawful use of the trademarks within the meaning of Art. 13 Trademark Protection Act (MSchG; SR 232.11).
It is essential to publish the substance warnings or the substances with illustration (incl. brand logo) unchanged, as otherwise the information and warning purpose is not guaranteed.


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