Strong decrease in samples with synthetic cannabinoids

In 2022, a total of 398 cannabis samples were handed in for analysis at the Drug Information Center (DIZ) Zurich. 267 samples were cannabis flowers, 107 samples were hashish and 24 samples were other cannabis products such as oils, liquids, edibles and dabs (cannabis concentrate).

The detailed 2022 cannabis evaluation can be found in the attached report. These are the key findings from 2022:

  • The number of samples in which we detected one or more synthetic cannabinoids has decreased significantly compared to the previous year.
  • After the decline of synthetic cannabinoids, more samples containing the cannabinoid ∆8-THC were analyzed this year. This shows that the cannabis market is very dynamic and will probably remain so.
  • The average THC content has hardly changed compared to the previous year for flowers. For hashish, the average THC content has increased slightly.
  • Furthermore, it is striking that in relatively many flower samples hardly or no CBD was detected.

In addition to the detailed Cannabis Evaluation 2022, a brief summary of the most important figures from the Cannabis Drug Checking of 2022 can be found in the appendix. For more information on cannabis, please visit our website here.


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