Do you use nasal psychoactive substances?

The consumption via a nasal spray gives you the opportunity to minimize some risks of nasal consumption. With the nasal spray you can control the dosage individually, because you can calculate how much substance you consume per pump shot. Especially with substances such as ketamine, unintentional overdoses (due to too large lines) can be avoided. In addition, you protect your mucous membranes significantly more compared to the nasal consumption of powder. We also recommend nasal care (rinsing, ointments, etc.) when using a nasal spray.


We always recommend that you do not share the nasal spray. However, if you share the nasal spray with friends, disinfect the nasal piece beforehand to avoid passing on bacteria and/or diseases.


What should you pay attention to when making a nasal spray? How do you calculate the exact dosage?

You can find the answers to these questions on the factsheet on nasal spray safer use.



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