There is no magic formula for having a good party or a good buzz. But this much is clear: if you are not in a good mood yourself, psychoactive substances will not help you. Psychoactive substances amplify positive and negative moods, which essentially depend on your expectations, your physical condition, your mood and the atmosphere that surrounds you. Therefore, take enough time afterwards to process your experiences!


Drug (substance and dosage)

"The dose alone makes a thing not a poison". - Paracelsus

Drug" refers to everything that is directly related to the substance that is taken, i.e. the type of substance, the dosage and the composition of the substance. The dosage influences perception, experience and feelings for the duration of the effect. Since most psychoactive substances are illegal, you never know how much or which active ingredient is contained in the substance. To better protect yourself from overdoses and acute intoxication, always have your substances tested before use.


Set (Constitution/Tuning)

"Set" refers to your personal attitude, your expectation of the substance effect and your mood when taking it. Both the good and the bad experiences you have with psychoactive substances come to a large extent from within yourself. Negative moods such as fear, weakness and sadness tend to be exacerbated by taking psychoactive substances, while positive feelings such as joy, pleasure and happiness are intensified. Your physical condition is also important, as certain substances can also take a toll on you physically.


Setting (environment)

This refers to the environment ("setting") in which psychoactive substances are used. You should feel safe and comfortable in the environment in which you use. It is important that you choose the setting consciously and have confidence in your surroundings. This includes agreeing with friends to look out for each other and not to leave anyone alone.