Partially strong deviation from declared to effective LSD content on felts

In 2022, 103 felts declared as LSD were handed in for analysis at the Drug Information Center (DIZ) in Zurich. In eleven mobile drug checkings carried out in the city of Zurich in 2022, 10 felts declared as LSD were handed in and analyzed.

The detailed LSD evaluation can be found in the attached report. These are the key findings from 2022:

  • About three quarters of the LSD felts analyzed by DIZ have a dosage of less than 100 μg LSD, with a very wide range. Especially the few samples containing an extremely high amount of LSD show how important it is to analyze felts before use.
  • A large proportion of the LSD felts dispensed at the DIZ are declared to contain much higher doses than they actually do. The analyses in 2022 again showed that LSD felts in almost all cases contain a maximum of half of the expected active ingredient content (myth "250 microgram felts").
  • The number of LSD felts containing unexpected substances is also low in 2022 compared to the number of samples. The high proportion of felts containing iso-LSD remains unchanged. Iso-LSD has no psychoactive effect, but is unexplored and consumption may therefore be associated with unknown side effects.
  • At DIZ Zurich, almost half of the LSD felts dispensed in 2022 were obtained directly by users via online supply channels such as Telegram or the darknet. This is in stark contrast to the usual, conventional supply channels (e.g. private individuals, parties, etc.) of the other substances tested, such as cocaine and amphetamine.

In addition to the LSD evaluation 2022, a brief summary of the four substances most frequently tested in the DIZ can be found in the appendix. Further information on MDMA can be found on our website here.


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