Anabolic Drug Checking

Here we go again!

Last year, the DIZ was able to offer specific drug checking for people who consume AAS drugs for five weeks. The substances dispensed were analyzed for purity content, false declarations, impurities, etc. and the results were communicated to the users.
This first "test phase" was used extensively, allowing initial experience and data to be gathered with regard to the consumption behavior and needs of anabolic steroid users. Furthermore, we at DIZ are striving to gain insights into whether and how our long-standing and successful "Drug Checking" service can generate added value for AAS users.

We are very pleased to announce that a longer, second test phase of the offer can be carried out from March 2024 until the end of the year.

What does that mean for you?
Do you use performance-enhancing and/or growth-promoting substances for non-medical purposes?
Then come along and have your substances analyzed.
The service is anonymous and free of charge for everyone.

You can register and inform yourself online under this link (one week in advance).

On the first Tuesday of each month:
March 5 / April 2 / May 7 / June 4 / July 9 (exceptionally on the 2nd Tuesday of the month) / August 6 / September 3 / October 1 / November 5 / December 3

What can I hand in?
samples (ampoules) and tablets can be handed in. Here an overview of possible analyzable substances.

For the ampoules (if possible still sealed) we need at least 2ml of sample material.
We need 5 pieces of active ingredients in tablet form; due to the often imprecise production in the laboratory, the active ingredients, quality and content can vary massively from tablet to tablet.

The analysis result can usually be requested on Friday from 14:00 by telephone on +41 44 415 76 46 (between 14:00 and 17:00) or in person on site.

We look forward to seeing you!


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