The offer is free of charge and anonymous!

The DIZ is located at Wasserwerkstrasse 17, 8006 Zurich (next to Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo).

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Every substance delivery is associated with an obligatory counselling interview. Anonymised data on age, gender and consumption patterns are collected.

As this is a medical facility, dogs cannot be taken into the DIZ. There is also no possibility to tether dogs in front of the facility.

We ask that you arrive punctually at the agreed time. Otherwise, the sample can no longer be accepted for analysis.

What can be analysed?

The following substances can be analysed quantitatively and qualitatively:

List of substances

For the analysis, a whole tablet, a whole felt, two knife tips (30-50mg) of a powder or 1 g of plant material are required. Those wishing to have amphetamine pastes tested should dry them beforehand. LSD on sugar cannot be accepted. The sample material provided will be used entirely for laboratory analysis and will not be returned.

The results are usually given quantitatively as hydrochloride (HCL, salt form of the substance), for LSD in tartrate and for DMT as base. The values vary to the same substances as base or sulfate. At under "Dosage" hints for the conversion of the individual substances are available. A small summary on the subject of conversion can be found here on our site.

A large number of other substances can be analyzed at least qualitatively. For questions just send an email to contact

Counselling sessions are also possible outside opening hours by appointment by phone or email.

For legal reasons we are not allowed to accept samples sent by post!

Our offer

Consumption reflection


Please choose one of our Drug Checking offers


Every Tuesday from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. and every Friday from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Telephone Registration

For Tuesday: on Monday (14:00 - 17:00) and on Tuesday (14:00 - 19:00 if appointments are free) at 044 415 76 46

For Friday: on Thursday (14:00 - 17:00) and on Friday (14:00 - 19:00 if appointments are free) at 044 415 76 46

We recommend calling as early as possible, as places are coveted and quickly filled. No registrations will be accepted outside of the registration times.

We agree on a time slot and a password (the password will be requested by the staff before entering the DIZ). No analysis without registration by phone and without the password!

The analysis result can usually be requested by telephone or e-mail on Friday from 15:00 - 18:00 (sample submission on Tuesday: result notification on Friday of the same week. Sample submission on Friday: result notification on Friday of the following week).


Every Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00.

Telephone registration

Every Wednesday (14:00 to 17:00) and Thursday (14:00 - 18:00 if appointments are free) at 044 415 76 46.

We agree on a time slot and a password (the password will be requested by the staff before entering the DIZ). No analysis without registration by phone and announcement of the password!

What do we offer?

Quantitative determination of THC and CBD content

Recognition of synthetic cannabinoids

Detection of false declarations

Information and counselling on cannabis use

Consultation appointments (without analysis) outside opening hours

Advice for relatives

No determination of Brix, fertiliser residues, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, glass, hairspray, sand etc.

When do I use cannabis drug checking?

In the event of a suspicion of synthetic cannabinoids

To know how "strong" the grass/hash/oil really is

Analysis of the relationship between THC and CBD

When a constant dosage is important to me

To find out why hash, for example, has a different effect on me than grass

When I use cannabis products as self-medication to treat pain, to promote sleep, etc.

If I am fundamentally suspicious about what exactly the acquired cannabis product is

When and how will I receive my result?

The result can be requested on Friday of the following week (after 8 days). You have to call the following number between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.: 044 415 76 46.

What can be analysed?

The following cannabis products (matrices) are basically accepted:

Flower, hash, pollinate, extracts (such as oils, thick extracts, e-liquids) and pure substances (such as pure CBD).

Samples intended for medicinal use (e.g. CBD-containing oils) are also accepted.

Cosmetics and "regular" food (tea, sweets, hemp beer etc.) from specialised shops are excluded. Exceptional cases, such as space cookies, where synthetic cannabinoids are suspected, can be analysed qualitatively.

How it works

Sample quantity/ sample preparation:

Cannabis flowers:
Grind 2-3 grams and submit at least 1 gram for analysis. It should also contain stems (for a realistic content determination and for the detection of possible synthetic cannabinoids).

In the case of smaller amounts still present (at least 0.2 grams) and a suspicion of synthetic cannabinoids, a qualitative analysis is possible, but no quantification (determination of the content) of THC/CBD.

The samples must be dry (as they are smoked). Otherwise, a realistic determination of the content is not possible and there is a risk that the sample will become mouldy.

Grind 0.5 to 1.0 gram (if this is possible in terms of consistency). With smaller sample quantities, optimal analysis becomes difficult.

1.0 gram. With smaller sample quantities, optimal analysis becomes difficult., in cooperation with Checkpoint Zurich, offers chemsex drug checking on the first Monday of every month, where chemsex substances can be tested. The offer is free of charge and anonymous.


On the first Monday of the month from 16:00 to 20:00


Checkpoint Zurich
Konradstrasse 1
8005 Zurich


What do we offer?

Chemsex Drug Checking provides information about the effects and dangers of psychoactive substances consumed before or during sex and about the risks of one's own consumption behaviour. The counselling enables precise information about dosage and ingredients as well as about the effects that these ingredients can have on the user. With us, sex on drugs can be discussed in a moral and value-free way.

The service is anonymous and free of charge. The chemsex counsellors know the queer sex world and the topic of sexualised substance use. There is a mandatory counselling interview with every person who hands in a substance for analysis. There are no preconditions for a visit to Chemsex Drug Checking and the staff are bound by professional secrecy.

You are also welcome to ask us for information and advice

  • Do you have questions about chemsex substances, their mechanisms of action, consumption experiences, trends or the effects on your health?
  • Are you interested in safer use of typical chemsex substances?
  • Do you want to stabilise your consumption, reduce it or give it up completely?
  • Questions about the offer, further advice etc. can be sent to us at any time by e-mail ( or telephone: 044 455 59 10.

When and how will I receive my result?

You will receive the result on the following Friday of the same week. You have to call the following number between 15:00 and 18:00: 044 415 76 46.

Contact / Procedure

Tel. 044 455 59 10 (Registration and questions)


Book appointment

Call 044 455 59 10 to make an appointment for chemsex drug checking. The appointment is anonymous. A time slot and a password will be agreed. The password is requested before testing. Anonymity is guaranteed.

On site

At the agreed time, register at the reception desk on the first floor (with the password). The assigned number will then be called. Anonymity is guaranteed. People in the waiting room cannot see who is coming for chemsex drug checking. The substance is taken by the specialist present.


The counselling interview is conducted with a professional who specialises in chemsex. The interview is documented by means of an anonymous questionnaire.

Online registration (test phase)
From now on you can also register online for this Drug Checking. Registration is possible 24 hours before the respective Drug Checking. At the moment online appointments can only be made for Tuesday.


If you or someone else needs urgent help after taking drugs or alcohol, call an ambulance on 144. Tell the emergency responders everything you know.
It could save lives.