Pilot project "Drug Checking for androgenic anabolic steroids".

From 22.08.2023 the pilot project "Drug Checking for androgenic anabolic steroids" starts. Over a period of five weeks (22.08, 29.08, 05.09, 12.09 and 19.09), people who consume AAS drugs can have them analyzed at the DIZ for purity content, false declarations, impurities, etc.. Liquid samples and tablets can be handed in. Here is an overview of possible analyzable substances.

How much and in what form do I need to bring the sample?

In the pilot phase, we are only accepting ampoules (liquid) and tablets.

For the ampoules we need at least 2ml; if possible in closed ampoules.

We need 5 pieces of the AAS in tablet form; due to the often imprecise production in the laboratory, the active ingredients, quality and content can differ massively from tablet to tablet.

On each of the above dates, five samples (each person can only give one sample per evening) will be accepted at the DIZ from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

If you would like to analyze a substance with us, you are welcome to book an appointment through the official DIZ registration process (by calling 044 415 76 46 the day before between 14:00 and 17:00). Unfortunately, we cannot accept samples from people who spontaneously come to the DIZ without an appointment!

If you have any questions about the pilot project, you can reach us at info@saferparty.ch. The pilot project is carried out in cooperation with Arud Zurich.


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