The effects caused by a combination of two or more substances are almost impossible to assess. As a rule, they do not correspond to the sum of the individual effects: Mixing involves additional, sometimes high health risks. Depending on the substance, the respective effects are amplified (sometimes many times over), or they influence the body and psyche in different directions. Both are extremely stressful for the users. The risk of unpleasant incidents is increased by mixed use. Those who mix substances should avoid particularly risky combinations (see Combi Checker).

Safer Use

In any case, it is important to first know the effects of the substances individually and at least wait for the full effect of one substance before consuming the next. Remember that different substances take different amounts of time to reach their maximum effect.

Because of the high strain on the liver and kidneys, it is important to drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids. Alcohol generally alters the effect of other psychoactive substances.

If you use uppers (e.g. amphetamine) to delay coming down, you increase the hangover. Downers to come down also prolong the hangover and usually have a high potential for dependence.

The principle of drug, set and setting should be observed.

It is advisable to tell friends or acquaintances in advance which substances have been mixed during consumption.

Anyone taking medication should seek medical advice in advance about possible risky interactions with psychoactive substances (impairment of the effectiveness of the medication, serious complications, etc.).

More information on interactions between HIV medication and various psychoactive substances

Celebrate properly

  • Avoid mixing several substances
  • Psychoactive substances take different amounts of time to have an effect. Therefore, wait at least two hours and do not add alcohol right away.
  • Always test a small amount of the substance first on
  • Use drug checking services if possible
  • Get fresh air regularly at the party
  • Drink 3-5 dl of water or soft drinks every hour. At very high temperatures even more!
  • Plan enough time to rest. Rest and relaxation are also very important after a high. Healthy food and vitamins strengthen your defences and regenerate your body.
  • Sex only with condom!
  • If you have consumed something: Hands off the wheel!
  • Do not consume alone and keep an eye on your friends. Don't leave anyone alone in case of problems and call the ambulance if necessary (Tel. 144).
  • Legal does not mean harmless. Legal substances (smart drugs/natural drugs etc.) are not harmless and pose just as many dangers as illegal substances.
  • Consumption, acquisition, possession and trafficking of most drugs are punishable by law