The term safer use refers to strategies/messages that are intended to minimize the incidental and preventable harms of substance use. Every use of psychoactive substances carries a risk. These risks can be minimized with adherence to safer use messages. Among the best-known safer use measures are syringe exchange and safersniffing papers.


Further safer use messages are:


- Drink enough soft and isotonic drinks. 3 to 5 dl (depending on the weather) per hour is ideal.

- Take breaks from dancing at parties and get out in the fresh air regularly.

- Eat healthy before consumption and do not consume on an empty stomach. You must be aware that the onset of action may be delayed due to eating in the stomach.  

- Accept when the effect runs out. "Spiking" can increase the toxicity (toxicity) of some substances.

- Give yourself time to recover and take regular breaks from using (at least 4 to 6 weeks - depending on the substance).

- People with pre-existing conditions of the cardiovascular system, asthma, diseases of the liver and with hyperthyroidism, as well as pregnant women should not consume psychoactive substances.

- Dose low and avoid frequent refilling! There is an increased risk of overdosing.

- Avoid mixing with other psychoactive substances or be aware of the effects.

- Analyze your substances in a drug checking before consumption. If the use of drug checking is not possible, test a small amount and wait to see what effect it has. This way you can reduce the risk of overdoses and the intake of misdeclared substances.

- If possible, do not consume alone or let those around you know what you have consumed. Also pay attention to your friends who have also used. Do not leave anyone alone in case of problems and call the ambulance in case of emergency.

- Consumption, acquisition, possession and trafficking of most psychoactive substances are punishable by law.

- A party night or even a trip in the forest should be prepared. Consumption of psychoactive substances should only be considered if you are in good physical and mental condition. Consider drug, set and setting for each consumption.