DRUGS & CLUBS on 29.08.2022 at the ZWZ

DRUGS & CLUBS - how to?!
For many, intoxicants and going out are closely linked. We, who work in the nightlife, therefore want to train ourselves in dealing with it. Which intoxicants are in circulation and how do I deal with guests on substances? At what point is it an overdose, what should I do then, and how do I recognize knockout drops? And how do I communicate with blue light organizations?

When: Monday 29.8.22, 18:30
Where: Zentralwäscherei Zürich, Neuer Hard 12
With: Experts from saferparty.ch, Dr. Martin Viehweger and Wellnessteam Zürich
For: The event is mainly aimed at people who work in nightlife, but is also open to curious clubbers.

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