Survey on recreational drug use

Jennifer Uhl and is a research associate at Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna (Faculty of Psychology) and works in private practice as a clinical and health psychologist and as a psychotherapist in the field of substance dependence/recreational drug use. As part of her dissertation, she is working on a study on recreational drug use.

Her research interest lies in the area of the so-called "lead substance", i.e. the substance(s) that are most frequently/preferentially used. Her work addresses the question of how recreational drug users choose their preferred (lead) substance and which personal factors (e.g., social and emotional competencies) might play a role in this regard. In this context, the study investigates the relationship between the lead substance and individual socio-emotional competencies. The survey is conducted by means of an online questionnaire (duration approx. 15 minutes), which collects socio-demographic data as well as consumption behavior and various social and emotional competence areas. Your survey is aimed at all persons who have already used legal/illegal psychoactive substances (alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, cocaine, etc.) at least once in their lives and are at least 18 years old. Participation is anonymous; no data will be collected in the course of this study that would allow conclusions to be drawn about a specific person.

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