On 5 May, we presented our current figures and findings from the Drug Information Centre (DIZ) with a focus on cannabis at our annual specialist event. In addition, experts from Germany and abroad shed more light on the topic of cannabis.

In a first part, DIZ staff presented figures and findings from the Drug Information Centre (DIZ) Zurich: What are the trends and developments on the local drug market? What patterns of use and problems do recreational drug users have? To what extent did the pandemic influence the market and consumption patterns?

In a second part, together with national and international experts, we have taken a closer look at the topic of cannabis. Cannabis in more detail: What conclusions can be drawn from the new cannabis drug checking in Zurich after 15 months? How is the pilot project on the regulated sale of cannabis being implemented in the city of Zurich? What international developments are there with regard to the state regulation of cannabis? What is the current status regarding medical cannabis in Switzerland?

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