Participants are sought for a study on the topic of mixed consumption

The Institute for Addiction and Health Research would like to learn by means of a study, which substances you combine with each other. For example, alcohol and "benzos" (sedative and anxiety-relieving drugs). Or alcohol and cannabis. Or alcohol and cough syrup. It is about the age groups 14-20 years.It is also about the questions:

  • Why does mixed use take place? (Reasons such as: "because it is so common at parties" "to be there", "greater effect")
  • Where does mixed use take place (e.g., at parties, at home)?
  • How are the substances obtained (e.g., colleagues, dealers, Internet)?
  • Do you have questions about mixed use?
  • What would professional support for young people have to look like in order for it to be helpful for you and your circle of colleagues? And for you and your circle of colleagues to make use of the offer. "Professional support" means, for example, counseling by a specialist from drug counseling or psychological counseling.

More info about the study and how to register is available here: Mixed use among adolescents (


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