In recent times, pink powder was brought for analysis in several drug checking offers in Switzerland, which was in each case a mixture of several psychoactive substances. Mostly it was a mixture of ketamine and MDMA, sometimes additionally with caffeine and paracetamol, which was sold declared as 2C-B. On one occasion, a pink powder was also previously sold under the name "Pink Cocaine" as cocaine , but also contained a mixture of ketamine, MDMA and caffeine.

The combination of ketamine and MDMA can, depending on the mixing ratio and dosage, lead to high stress for the body. The effect of ketamine can also quickly lead to psychological overload, especially in the case of unintentional consumption due to misdeclaration. "Tucibi" and "Pink Cocaine" are originally scene names from South America for the psychedelic 2C-B.  

Samples declared as Tucibi and Pink Cocaine have so far contained at most traces of 2C-B and never cocaine. We strongly advise against the consumption of pink powder, which is declared as 2C-B or as a 2C-B mixture!

Have all substances analyzed in a drug checking before consumption. If you cannot use a drug checking service, always test a small amount first.


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