First image of the tested substance
First image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance
First image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance

Active ingredients and content


Quantity not determinable

Details of the substance tested


4.2 mm

Length x width

9.1 mm



237.4 mg




Fracture groove


Relevant substance(s)

Risk assessment

This tablet, sold as an MDMA pill, does not contain MDMA but the antidepressant trazodone. Trazodone is used to treat depressive disorders. This active ingredient is prescribed for medical use in tablet form, among other things, which is why confusion with classic MDMA pills is possible. Trazodone belongs to the group of psychotropic drugs and has a mood-lifting, sedative and sleep-inducing effect. Since there is no typical MDMA effect when taking this pill (the calming effect of trazodone starts immediately, the mood-lifting effect would only occur after weeks of daily use), there is a risk of post-dosing. In addition, the consumption of the substance in combination with MDMA, which like trazodone affects the serotonergic system in the human body (release of serotonin), can lead to a life-threatening serotonin syndrome.

In addition, the effects of centrally depressant drugs and alcohol may be enhanced, which can lead to adverse health effects.

Alert level

Safer Use


Have your substances tested in a Drug Checking


If you do not have the possibility to have substances analyzed, first test a maximum of one third of the pill, since very many high-dose pills are in circulation.

Wait and see

Wait 2 hours after taking the medication, as there are always pills with unexpected active ingredients in circulation, which can have a later onset of action.


Remember: drink non-alcoholic and isotonic drinks (3 dl / hour) and take breaks in the fresh air from time to time to prevent overheating / dehydration.


Accept when the effect runs out, because "re-spiking" increases the toxicity (poisonousness) of MDMA.

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