First image of the tested substance
First image of the tested substance
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First image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance

Active ingredients and content

CP-47,497 THC CBD

Amount not determinable 6.7 % 8.1 %

Details of the substance tested


Length x width






Fracture groove

Relevant substance(s)

Synthetic cannabinoids

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Risk assessment

CP-47,497 is a highly potent synthetic cannabinoid that was among the first psychoactive ingredients in Spice herbal blends.

Research with CP-47,497 indicates that the substance can have a cell-damaging effect. There is a suspicion of triggering inflammatory processes as well as direct DNA damage. In addition, various emergency medical treatments related to CP-47,497 have been documented. Otherwise, little is known about risks, toxicity, side effects and long-term consequences of the consumption of this substance.

Synthetic cannabinoids in general are poorly researched substances. If synthetic cannabinoids are sold misdeclared as THC cannabis, as in this case, this can quickly lead to risky overdoses and/or strong side effects that are often harmful to health. This effect is amplified by the sometimes very uneven distribution of the synthetic cannabinoids on the flowers, which can lead to hotspots and the associated ingestion of high doses of the substances. This further increases the risk of overdoses.

In contrast to naturally occurring THC, acute and severe intoxication is strikingly common with synthetic cannabinoids. The use of synthetic cannabinoids can lead to, among other things, rapid fainting, palpitations, hypertension, seizures, nausea with vomiting, decrease in mental performance, confusion, delusions, acute psychosis, strong craving, aggressive and violent behavior, and even a heart attack. The high potency of synthetic cannabinoids increases the risk of overdose.

Consumption is strongly discouraged!

Alert level

Safer Use


With newly purchased, unfamiliar cannabis products, it is advisable to test only a small amount the first time (take two or three puffs) and then wait about 15 minutes for the effect to develop. If the effect is unusual, do not continue to use the product!

Mixed use

Avoid mixed use. Mixed use with other substances (including alcohol or medications) is very risky because of the unpredictable and still unknown interactions. Avoid mixed use with MAO inhibitors, opioids or tranquilizers.

Mix well

Mix your cannabis products well before consumption (ideally use a grinder) to avoid a high concentration of possible synthetic cannabinoids on individual flower parts. Particular care should be taken with residual material that has fallen off the outer parts of the flower, as this is often likely to contain a particularly high concentration of synthetic cannabinoids.

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