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First image of the tested substance
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First image of the tested substance
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Second image of the tested substance

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This sample, declared as ketamine , contains the active ingredient lisdexamfetamine from the amphetamine group instead of ketamine (trade name in Switzerland is Elvanse®).

The drug is a prodrug that is first converted in the body into its active form, dexamfetamine. The active ingredient lisdexamfetamine is prescribed as an ADHD drug. The effect is comparable to amphetamine.

Since the majority of ketamine in recreational use is snorted, and lisdexamfetamine snorted is presumably active at lower doses than ketamine, there is a risk of unintentionally consuming a high dose of the active ingredient, which may lead to unpleasant overdose symptoms.

The maximum daily dose of lisdexamfetamine swallowed (orally) is given as 70 mg. However, the maximum snorted (nasal) dose is probably lower. In addition, the effect is delayed because the lisdexamfetamine is still being converted into the active dexamfetamine in the body. For this reason, there is an additional risk of post-dosing, which in turn increases the risk of overdose.

With powders, false declarations occur time and again; therefore, have these tested if possible.

Alert level

Safer Use


Have your substances tested in a Drug Checking


If you do not have the possibility to have substances analysed, always test a small amount to avoid overdoses.

Wait and see

Wait 2 hours after oral intake, as there are always powders / crystals in circulation with unexpected active ingredients, which can have a later onset of action.


Always use your own sniffing utensils when applying powders nasally (sniffing) to avoid infecting yourself or others with diseases.

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