First image of the tested substance
First image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance
First image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance

Active ingredients and content


183.5 mg


Quantity not determinable

Details of the substance tested


4.9 mm

Length x width

9.8 x 14.2 mm



590 mg




Fracture groove


Relevant substance(s)


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Risk assessment

In addition to a high dose of MDMA, this pill labeled as MDMA also contains traces of methamphetamine. This logo has already been tested several times in various drug checking offers and different doses of MDMA and methamphetamine were found in each case.

More than 1.5 mg MDMA per kg body weight for men and 1.3 mg per kg body weight for women is too much (e.g. woman 60 kg x 1.3 = max. 78 mg MDMA). Side effects such as jaw grinding, eye and muscle twitching or seizures may occur. In the case of overdoses, the body temperature rises sharply and hallucinations may occur. On subsequent days, after taking such high doses of MDMA, depression, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, loss of appetite and a feeling of strong listlessness occur more frequently. The regular intake of large quantities of MDMA is neurotoxic and increases the likelihood of irreparable brain damage.

‍Methamphetamine belongs to the phenylethylamine group of substances and has a strong stimulating effect (psychostimulant). It increases the mental and physical drive in the human body. In contrast to MDMA, methamphetamine has a less entactogenic effect (touching the inner self, stronger perception of one's own emotions) and also less empathogenic (increasing empathy). Compared to MDMA, methamphetamine has a significantly longer duration of action (with after-effects lasting up to 24 hours). Unintentional use can quickly overwhelm users.

Taking these two substances at the same time places a high strain on the cardiovascular system. Taking very high doses of MDMA and methamphetamine leads to a high concentration of serotonin in the brain. This increases the risk of life-threatening complications such as serotonin syndrome. With this pill, even taking half of it can lead to an overdose.

We advise against taking this pill!

Alert level

Safer Use


Have your substances tested in a Drug Checking


If you do not have the possibility to have substances analyzed, first test a maximum of one third of the pill, since very many high-dose pills are in circulation.

Wait and see

Wait 2 hours after taking the medication, as there are always pills with unexpected active ingredients in circulation, which can have a later onset of action.


Remember: drink non-alcoholic and isotonic drinks (3 dl / hour) and take breaks in the fresh air from time to time to prevent overheating / dehydration.


Accept when the effect runs out, because "re-spiking" increases the toxicity (poisonousness) of MDMA.

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