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First image of the tested substance
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First image of the tested substance
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Second image of the tested substance

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Quantity not determinable

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New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

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Psilocybin / Psilocin

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Risk assessment

A sample declared as psilocybin contained the hallucinogenic tryptamine 4-acetoxy-N-ethyl-N-methyltryptamine (4-AcO-MET) plus various impurities instead of pislocybin.

4-AcO-MET is structurally related to 4-HO-MET and there is evidence that 4-AcO-MET is converted to 4-HO-MET in the body. The chemical structure of 4-HO-MET is related to psilocin, which is a psychoactive ingredient of psilocybin-containing mushrooms ("magic mushrooms"). Therefore, 4-AcO-MET produces a similar effect to psilocybin. Psilocybin is converted to psilocin in the body.

The substance psilocybin (in the form of naturally occurring psilocybin-containing mushrooms) is dosed much higher (orally: first effects from 200 mg) than 4-AcO-MET (orally: 5 - max. 40 mg). There is therefore a risk of overdosing, which can lead to an unexpected and possibly unpleasant trip with harmful side effects.

The laboratory was unable to detect the nature of the contaminants. Therefore, the consumption of unknown impurities poses an additional health risk. The interaction potential of the individual impurities with 4-AcO-MET is completely unknown.

There is hardly any information available on the risks, side effects and long-term effects of 4-AcO-MET. Consumption is therefore not recommended!

False declarations often occur with powders and crystalline samples; it is therefore essential to have these tested before consumption! The following information on 4-AcO-MET is only intended as a guide. It is not based on verified data, but comes from subjective reports from users.

Alert level

Safer Use


Have your substances tested in a drug check.


If you do not have the possibility to have substances analyzed, first test a maximum of one third of the pill, since very many high-dose pills are in circulation.

Wait and see

Wait 2 hours after taking the medication, as there are always pills with unexpected active ingredients in circulation, which can have a later onset of action.


Remember: drink non-alcoholic and isotonic drinks (3 dl / hour) and take breaks in the fresh air from time to time to prevent overheating / dehydration.

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