First image of the tested substance
First image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance
First image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance
Second image of the tested substance

Active ingredients and content

3-MMC: Quantity cannot be determined.

3-CMC: Quantity not determinable.

4-MMC: Quantity cannot be determined.

MDMA: Quantity cannot be determined.

Ketamine: Amount cannot be determined.

Details of the substance tested


Length x width






Fracture groove

Relevant substance(s)

New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)

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3-CMC (Clophedrone)

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3-MMC (3-methylmethcathinone)

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4-MMC (mephedrone)

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Risk assessment

A sample declared as 5-MMC contained a mixture of mephedrone (4-MMC), 3-methylmethcathinone (3-MMC), 3-CMC (clophedrone), MDMA, ketamine and an unknown impurity. 5-MMC does not exist as a substance.

Mephedrone (4-MMC) belongs to the cathinone group of substances and is very closely related to 3-MMC. The effects of the two substances are therefore comparable. However, users describe mephedrone as having a stronger euphoric and empathy-enhancing effect than 3-MMC. With 3-MMC, the craving (compulsion to consume) is very pronounced and the dependency potential is significantly higher than with other empathogens such as MDMA or methylone.

3-CMC is a rather new research chemical (NPS, new psychoactive substance). 3-CMC is a chlorine-substituted cathinone from the amphetamine group. There is hardly any information available on its risks, side effects and long-term consequences. It is assumed that 3-CMC has a very high neurotoxic effect. Due to its structural similarity to mephedrone, it is often marketed on the internet as a substitute for mephedrone. Compared to mephedrone, 3-CMC is dosed slightly lower.

MDMA is a synthetic amphetamine derivative and mainly causes an increased release of the body's own messenger substance serotonin. This release triggers a feeling of euphoria, lightness and light-heartedness. Sight and hearing change, touch and music are felt more intensely, inhibitions are reduced and the need for contact is increased. Hunger and thirst as well as tiredness are reduced, attention is increased. Body temperature and blood pressure also rise.

Ketamine is an anesthetic (analgesic) and is available in liquid form as a solution or as a white, crystalline powder. Ketamine is snorted, swallowed or injected (intramuscularly or intravenously). It can lead to a fragmentary dissolution of the environment and bodily sensations, thoughts can break off, feelings of weightlessness or floating can occur. Sensory perceptions and space-time perception change. At higher doses, detachment from one's own body and/or ego dissolution or merging with the environment may occur. After the trip: drowsiness, memory of the experience is often only partially possible.

Unknown impurities indicate improper manufacture. No reliable information is available on the risks and side effects of impurities. For this reason, the consumption of impurities poses an additional, unknown health risk. The interaction potential of the individual impurities with the other substances they contain is completely unknown.

The combination of these substances leads to high physical stress and can lead to unknown interactions that can trigger harmful side effects.

Consumption is strongly discouraged!

In the case of powders and crystalline samples, false declarations and impurities occur again and again; it is therefore essential to have these tested in a drug check before consumption!

Alert level

Safer Use


Have your substances tested in a Drug Checking


If you do not have the possibility to have substances analysed, always test a small amount to avoid overdoses.

Wait and see

Wait 2 hours after oral intake, as there are always powders / crystals in circulation with unexpected active ingredients, which can have a later onset of action.


Always use your own sniffing utensils when applying powders nasally (sniffing) to avoid infecting yourself or others with diseases.

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